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Welcome to the North East Scotland College Contacts Directory for Aberdeen City Campus.

Switchboard: 0300 330 5550
Information & Booking Centre: 01224 612330


The regional telephone code for Aberdeen is 01224.


Name / Title Department / Team Number
ARAMARK, ARAMARK Aramark/Aramark ARAMARK - 2760
Abernethy, Duncan Finance and Administration/Finance and Administration 612333
Abernethy, Duncan ?/? 614750
Ackers, Kelly Louise Aset/Support 01224 859
Acton, Leanne Student Administration and Data Management/Central Administration 612330
Adair, Vance Creative Industries, Computing and Business Enterprise /Music, Drama, Media and Essential Skills 612113
Adams, Alison Technical Support Team/Science 612202
Agnew, Dod Service Industries & Social Sciences/Social Sciences 612507
Ahmad, Iftikhar ?/?
Ahmed, Maqsood Aset/Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Process Training 859617 2917
Ahmed, Noreen ?/?
Aiken, Joy Business Solutions and Part-Time Learning/Managers 612343
Alani, Morufu Engineering, Science and Technology/Electrical Engineering, Energy and Science
Alexander, Amy ?/? 614413
Alexander, Clare Human Resource Management/Protocol National 612191
Alexander, Gordon ?/?
Ali, Naida ?/?
Allan, Derek Engineering, Science and Technology/Construction and Automotive Engineering 612744
Allan, Hayleigh Health & Safety/Health & Safety 612314
Allan, Sandra Senior Management/Principal's Office - Support Staff 612590
Allan, Shaun Technical Support Team/MMS
Allan, Sheena Occupational Health/Occupational Health 612151
Altens Library, On-line Learning and Information Services/Libraries 612743
Anderson, Douglas ?/? 614526
Anderson, Elaine ?/?
Anderson, Grant Human Resource Management/Protocol National
Anderson, Janis ?/? 614316
Anderson, Shirley ?/? 614830
Anderson, Shona Business, Creative Industries and Tourism/Tourism and Events
Anderson, Stuart Service Industries & Social Sciences/Social Sciences 612069
Anderson, Zachary Computing, Science and Sport/Computing : Applications 612209
Andrew, Gordon Security/Janitors/Janitors 612762
Andrews, Lynne Publicity and Marketing/Publicity and Marketing 612028
Angus, Andy Engineering, Science and Technology/Electrical Engineering, Energy and Science
Annand, Stephanie Human Resource Management/Protocol National
Aramowicz, Sylwia Facilities Management/Facilities Management
Arthur, Lynanne Student Services/Reception & Switchboard 612288
Atanassov, Danka Human Resource Management/Protocol National 612142
Atkinson, Diane Human Resource Management/Protocol National
Auditor1, Auditor1 Human Resource Management/Human Resources
Aval, Mohammad ?/? 614541
Avella, Federica Human Resource Management/Protocol National
altenssupport, altenssupport Technical Support Team/Engineering and Construction altenssupport
aramark, aramark Aramark/Aramark 612760
aramark, aramark Aramark/Aramark 612702
auditor, auditor IT Monitoring & Innovation/IT Monitoring & Innovation 0


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