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Professional Cookery

Unit: Kitchen Operations, Costs and Menu Planning


The aim of this unit is to provide the basic knowledge about kitchen organisation and the principles of menu planning. It will also increase awareness about the costing of dishes, and the elements of costs to be considered when calculating selling prices. The unit also provides the opportunity for candidates to undertake the practical application of calculating gross and net profits and setting selling prices for menus and dish items.


Applying Workplace Skills
Food Safety in Catering
Health & Safety in Catering and Hospitality
Healthier Foods and Special Diets
Investigate the Catering and Hospitality Industry
Prepare and Cook Desserts and Puddings
Prepare and Cook Fish and Shellfish
Prepare and Cook Fruit & Vegetables
Prepare and Cook Meat and Offal
Prepare and Cook Rice, Pasta, Grains and Egg dishes
Prepare and Cook Stocks, Soups and Sauces


Professional Cookery


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