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Applied Sciences HND

Unit: Human Body Structure and Function


This unit is designed to give candidates the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of human physiology and physiological processes, and their understanding of the overriding concept of homeostasis and control.

On completion of the Unit the candidate should be able to:

1. Identify the functions of the cellular organelles together with the associated biochemical processes, and explain the functions of major varieties of body tissues.

2. Explore the role of physiological control with special reference to the nervous and endocrine systems.

3. Assess the importance of the cardiovascular system in the distribution of materials to and from the cells.

4. Describe the functions of the excretory and respiratory systems in the context of regulation of the composition of body fluids.

5. Evaluate the role of the digestive system in processing food materials for the body.

6. Perform a range of physiological experiments and data handling exercises.


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Applied Sciences HND


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