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Applied Sciences NC SCQF Level 6

Unit: Science and Technology in Society


This unit will be undertaken by candidates on all routes of the Level 6 award

Science and Technology in Society 

Number F3T9 11


This Unit enables candidates to develop basic research skills, information handling skills and the ability to appraise when investigating scientific and technological issues which affect society.


1 Investigate an issue of science and technology in society.

2 Analyse the issue and its effects on society.

3 Evaluate the issue.


Cell Biology
Electricity and Electronics (physics)
Experimental Procedures - Science
Experimental Procedures: Choice of Biology, Chemistry or Physics
Higher Biology Units (option)
Higher Chemistry units
Higher Human Biology Units (option)
Higher Physics Units (option)
Information and Communication Technology
Introducing Metals and Electrochemistry
Introducing Quantitative Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry
Living Cells
Mathematics 2
Mathematics for Science
Mechanics and Heat (option)
Microbiological Techniques (option)
Natural Resource Use (option)


Applied Sciences NC SCQF Level 6


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