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Higher Psychology

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The Higher is introduced with a short introduction to "What is Psychology" and "The 5 approaches"

We then move onto the three UNITS.

Understanding the Individual - offers three topics -

  • Stress - we look at the Biological features of the stress response; why we suffer stress; how as individuals we deal with stress; psychological and physiological coping strategies.
  • Memory - we discuss how we retain memories; we look at 2 different models of how our memory functions and compare the merits of each of these; how and why we forget; discuss techniques that can be used to enhance our memory.
  • Early Socialisation - the effect of early socialisation on both Parent and Child; How and why this attachment develops; Cultural differences; Parenting Styles; Psychodynamic and Behaviourist theories behind attachment.

Investigating Behaviour - looks at the various methods of research available to use - experimental and non-experimental methods and how each of these can be carried out.  How we display the data collected and how we analyse the data. Ethics involved in carrying out research.


The Individual in the Social Context - this unit offers various topics but we teach

  • Obedience and Conformity - why do we follow rules; normative and informational influence; why we conform in our society; why we obey and strategies used to resist social pressure. Although case studies are important in every unit they are very relevant in this unit -  Milgram; Asch; Hofling; Zimbardo
  • Atypical Behaviour - Definitions - What is atypical behaviour - how can we define this; the symptoms of depression, phobias and schizophrenia; classification systems; and how the psychological approaches would view atypical behaviour.

Assessment - 3 nabs - closed book a research log and a research investigation (marked externally)


Should have Standard Grades at Credit or hold passes at Intermediate 2


Successful completion of the Higher Psychology course may lead to HND level study in Social Sciences


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