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Additional Funding

There are various additional sources of funding available to students for Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). These additional funding options are all administered within the College.

There is no guarantee that your application will be successful but we strongly encourage students to enquire. The funding options listed below are not available to assist with the payment of course/tuition fees and each applicant must display evidence of financial hardship.

Discretionary Funds

FE and HE Discretionary Funds may be available to students who experience financial hardship whilst attending North East Scotland College. Funds are limited, so students are encouraged to enquire about their potential eligibility by contacting a Student Funding Adviser. Discretionary Funding can be awarded as a loan or a grant.


If your funding application to the College or SAAS is delayed and you are experiencing financial hardship as a result, you may be eligible for a small Discretionary Fund Loan. This would be repayable once your funding is in place, and will normally be deducted from your bursary. If you are a SAAS funded student however, you will be advised of the repayment method by a Student Adviser.


Students can also be awarded help in the form of a Discretionary Fund Grant. This is in place to help with essential living costs (once your main source of funding has been assessed) and can be awarded as a single or monthly payment. Each application is considered by the Student Funding Team on a weekly basis. Decisions will be based on individual circumstances.

Please note that not all students are eligible for additional funding, but you might be - we therefore encourage you to enquire as soon as you find yourself in a difficult financial position. For more information please contact the Student Services Reception:

Tel: 01224 612284

Students with Additional Learning Needs and/or Disabilities

There is funding available to help with the additional costs incurred as a result of a disability, learning difficulty or additional learning requirements. Students who undertake a non-advanced course may be eligible to apply for the Additional Support Needs for Learning Allowance.

For further information contact the Learning Development Centre on: 01224 612091

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