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The College has a number of options in place when it comes to assisting students with the costs of childcare. Childcare funding includes two elements:

The Lone Parents Childcare Grant (LPCG) element entitles students to a payment of up to £1,215 per year to all eligible further and higher education students who are lone parents and formal registered childcare expenses whilst studying. The LPCG is not income assessed.

Discretionary Childcare Funds

The College receives funding to assist FE and HE students with registered childcare costs. The Discretionary Childcare Fund is means tested on the household income. Students should be aware that the College may not cover the full costs towards childcare costs. Any outstanding amount is the student's responsibility.

Students with household income less than £37,000 may be eligible for assistance.

The following table shows what percentage of childcare costs you may receive as a childcare allowance based on your household income:

The maximum childcare claim limit the College will consider for assessing based on household income is as follows:

Household Income Childcare Allowance
£0 to £16,999 100%
£17,000 to £24,999 80%
£25,000 to £30,999 60%
£31,000 to £34,999 40%
£35,000 to £36,999 20%
£37,000 and above 0%


To be eligible for these funds students must meet certain criteria:

HE Students must also meet the following criteria:

Finding a Registered Childcare Provider

For further information on registered providers in your area, please contact your local Childcare Information Services. Details of family information services and other important services can be found at: www.scottishchildcare.gov.uk

Aberdeen City Family Information Service, Tel: 01224 814803
Aberdeenshire Family Information Service, Tel: 0800 298 3330

Other useful websites

For reports on registered providers, including inspection reports, visit: www.scswis.com

For information on Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, call the helpline on 0345 300 3900 or visit the website: www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits

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