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Full-time (Non-Advanced)

There are a number of funding options available if you are studying a Full-time (non-advanced) course.

Full-time (non-advanced) courses include:

Tuition Fees

Most students on these classifications of courses will not be asked to pay tuition fees. However, you must apply for a Fees Award on the Funding Application Form so that your eligibility for exemption from fees can be confirmed. The Tuition Fee for a Full-time (non-advanced) course is not subject to means-testing nor is entitlement affected by any previous study.

If you do not meet residence or other requirements, you will be required to pay the tuition fees yourself.

Applications for Support

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The following funding options may be available, but these are subject to individual circumstances:

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'Exceptional Entrants' to College (e.g. Winter Leavers)

If your date of birth falls between 1st October 1998 and 28th February 1999 you are not legally permitted to leave school until after 20th December 2014. Although your school may give you permission to attend College from September 2014, you are not entitled to any payments from Bursary or EMA funds until after the official school leaving date.

If you need help with travel costs between August and December you should contact, at the earliest opportunity, your school for an application form (PTU100) to apply for help through the Local Authority Education Department.

Please note that Winter Leavers who start courses before their official school leaving date will not be eligible to receive Course Materials payments until January 2015.

How to apply for an EMA or a North East Scotland College bursary

You should complete the Online Funding Application Form which will be sent to you, via a link, once you have been offered a place on a course. We advise that you submit this online application as soon as possible, before the closing dates detailed in your account. Entitlement depends on a number of important factors and the funds available are limited, so please note that you may not automatically qualify for an EMA or bursary and some applications may be unsuccessful. Bursary/EMA applications submitted after the 6th week from the start date of the course will only be assessed from the date of submission, and will not be backdated to the start of the course.

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What is an EMA and how will it be paid?

The EMA is a weekly payment of £30, based on household income, issued to help maintain the student.

The EMA will be paid every two weeks in arrears into your bank account, providing that you meet the terms and conditions of a Learning Agreement to be signed at the start of your course. Payments are not made during College holidays including the October break, Christmas and Easter.

What is a bursary and how will it be paid?

A bursary is a means-tested form of student support. The amount awarded will depend on many factors including the financial situation of you/your household - parent(s), spouse or partner. If you are eligible for a bursary you may receive an allowance towards your maintenance, travel and course materials.

A bursary is normally paid in instalments and goes directly into your bank account. The first instalment is paid as soon as possible following your enrolment on a course. Payment will be dependent on attendance at College, so if your attendance record falls below 90% your bursary will be withheld.

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Can I get help to cover additional costs as a result of my disability?

Financial assistance may be available for students who incur additional costs as the result of a disability, learning difficulty or additional learning requirement. For more information contact The Learning Development Centre:

Tel: 01224 612091

How can I check my entitlement?

If you are unsure about your entitlement regarding an EMA or North East Scotland College bursary you should contact our Student Services Team:

Tel: 01224 612345

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Funding for International Students

Regulations for international student funding and tuition can be complex. If you need some help or advice, the best thing to do is Zuzana Banicova, our Information & Advice Manager.

Tel: 01224 612635

Further Information

Further information, our application form/guide and documents relating to Bursary/EMA payments and attendance monitoring can be accessed via StudentNet.

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