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Health Care

It is recommended that you register with a local doctor near to the place where you are living in Aberdeen. EU nationals are not liable for charges for medical care but pay on the same basis as British nationals for dental care and for prescribed medicines.

Aberdeen College also provides an occupational health service for staff and students and nurses are available for consultation at each College Centre.

Insurance Cover

The matter of insurance is left for the student to decide. Medical insurance should be considered, although EU students have already a modest amount of cover through the UK National Health Service. You should ensure that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you travel. Personal effects insurance is again the responsibility of the individual student.

Guidance and Counselling

All students at Aberdeen College, including European students, are entitled to use the Student Guidance and Counselling Service. Full details of all the Guidance and Counselling Services are available in booklet form at induction sessions prior to commencing your studies.

Students with Special Needs

Aberdeen College operates an Equal Opportunities Policy and all College Centres offer a wide range of specialist equipment to assist students who are disabled.