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During the winter months Britain's clocks run on Greenwich Mean Time and many of the other European countries run one hour ahead of Britain. Daylight saving time is adopted during the summer months, and British clocks are adjusted one hour forward at the end of March on the same day as other European countries. Clocks are re-adjusted back at the end of October.


Public telephones can be found in the street and in most public places. There are also public phones in each College Centre. It is cheaper to telephone within the UK, on Saturdays and Sundays and after 1800 on weekdays.


Students who own or rent a television must buy a licence for it from a Post Office. This is how the BBC is funded and there are penalties for those caught without a licence.


Incoming students will probably wish to open a bank account. Most students want a 'current account' which provides a chequebook together with a cheque guarantee card, a cash card (for automated cash machines) and a debit card. A letter from the College may be needed to confirm student status as part of opening an account. All major credit cards (eg. Visa, AMEX, Diners Club, Mastercard are widely accepted).