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Aberdeen and the Scottish Way of Life


Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and is famous for being the oil capital of Europe. Although relatively large in size, Aberdeen is laid out in quite a compact style with much of the business and shopping district situated within a confined area, making it easier to find your way around. Union Street runs through the heart of the city and provides the focus for the main shopping area as well as being the site of many of the city's banks and restaurants. North East Scotland College's main site, the Aberdeen City Campus, is only five minutes walk from Union Street and gives students easy access to these facilities.

To find out more about Aberdeen, where to go and what to see, you can visit the Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board Information Centre which is on Union Street or phone (tel 01224 288828). Visit Scotland provides lots of information about Aberdeen and also tourist attractions all over Scotland (tel 0845 22 55 121 or www.visitscotland.com).

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The Scottish Way of Life

Scottish people are generally very welcoming and hospitable. It may take you a little time to adjust to the way of life in the UK and Scotland. Although the Scots are usually thought of as friendly people, they may seem more reserved than people in your home country and often do not display outward gestures of emotion.

Basic politeness is expected and you should make every effort to attend not only your lectures on time, but also any appointments or meetings you may have outside College. When waiting to be seen by someone, or to get on a bus or train or any other form of transport, or to pay for something in a shop, people form a queue and you will be expected to wait your turn - it is considered very rude to push yourself to the front of the queue!

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