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Telephone Services

British Telecom operates the main telephone service in the UK and you can look for particular phone numbers either in the phone book (for both residential and business numbers) or the Yellow Pages (for business numbers only). Each phone book or yellow pages covers a particular region in the UK and if you do not have copies of the Aberdeen edition in your accommodation, they can normally be found in your local library or in the main post office. You can also phone directory enquiries for help to find a phone number, although there is usually a charge for this service (e.g. tel: 118 500 for BT directory enquiries). Alternatively, if you have access to the internet, you can access the same service online. There is currently no charge for using this method.

If you are dialling a number outside the Aberdeen area you will need to add the local area code (all codes start with 01) for the area you are phoning. Local area codes for the UK are listed in the phone book. The local area code for Aberdeen is 01224. If you are making a call within Aberdeen you do not need to use the area code, only the six digit phone number unless you are using a mobile phone.

It is generally cheaper to make calls between 1800 and 0800.

If you have any problems or need assistance you can call the operator by dialling 100

Public Payphones

Public payphones are widely available and calls are paid for either with cash or with a phonecard, which can be bought from post offices and some shops. Some phones will accept credit cards. You will find instructions on how the phone works inside the phone booth. If you are using cash, have plenty of change available. Most coin operated phones accept 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins. However, if you are making an international call it can be very expensive and you may want to use a phone that accepts a phonecard.

International Calls

For help in making international calls you can dial the international operator on 155. You can direct dial over 180 countries from the UK and will find a list of international country codes in the phone book.

Useful Phone Numbers
Operator 100
International Operator 155
Emergency Services – Police, Fire Service, Ambulance 999
North East Scotland College 01224 612000
International Guidance Tutor, North East Scotland College 01224 612635

Postal Services

There are a number of post offices throughout Aberdeen which sell postage stamps and postal orders, weigh parcels for posting, accept payment for some bills, and offer various other services. UK inland mail can be sent either 'first' or 'second' class. First class postage should ensure that a letter arrives at its destination the next day.

Postage is priced by size as well as weight. For more information go to the Royal Mail website.

If you are posting any valuable items, they should be sent either Recorded Delivery or Registered Post.

UK post boxes can be found on many streets throughout Aberdeen and are normally red in colour and should list the collection times for posted mail on the front. Mail is delivered in the UK Monday – Saturday.


Email is another quick and effective way to communicate, not only with family and friends, but with your lecturers at College. You will be provided with an North East Scotland College email account once you have enrolled on your course. If you would prefer to have a private account, you can set one up with one of a range of service providers in the UK (e.g. hotmail). If you do not have your own computer, you can access your email either through a friend's computer of through one of the internet cafés in Aberdeen.

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