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Course Information, Listings and Apprenticeships

Prospectus: 2016/2017 Prospectus 2016/2017
Our Prospectus provides detailed information on full–time courses based at our Aberdeen City Campus, Aberdeen Altens Campus, Aberdeen Craibstone Campus and Fraserburgh Campus. Along with course descriptions and campus information, you'll also find information on progression routes, career opportunities, guidance, student finance, university links, application advice and much more!
Part–time Guide 2015–2016 Part–time Guide 2015–2016
Guide to Part–time day and evening courses offered from August 2015. Contains class times, locations, contacts, fees and general information.
Degree Link Degree Link: College? University? Why not both?
This publication outlines the various progression and course articulation routes between North East Scotland College and Robert Gordon University.
Modern Apprenticeships: Work, Earn and Learn Modern Apprenticeships: Work, Earn and Learn
This booklet describes what a Modern Apprenticeship is all about and contains information for both aspiring modern apprentices and employers. The types of Modern Apprenticeships we offer, together with the training frameworks are explained.

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Application and Booking Forms

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Information for Students & Parents

Academic Calendar 2014/2015 | Academic Calendar 2013/2014 | Academic Calendar 2012/2013 | Academic Calendar 2011/2012
Provides details of North East Scotland College academic year.

Parents' Guide to North East Scotland College
A guide to student life for parents.

NE Scene Magazine: Summer Supplement Issue
Our new NESCol magazine, bringing you the latest news from across our campuses.
Issue 3 |  Issue 2 |  Issue 1

What's Next?
A guide to career choices & courses.

Yearbook 2014
Offers an insight into, and examples of, some achievements over the past year.

Business Solutions & Part–time Learning Handbook
Your guide to Business Solutions & Part–time Learning.

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Strategic Planning and Information Documents

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning informs the strategic direction of the College for the coming 3 years, and provides context and rationale. The Strategic Plan is the corporate planning statement of the Board and establishes its strategic aims and objectives. Various documents and strategies exist to support the Plan.

Carbon Management Plan 2015
The College is committed to reducing carbon emissions whilst continuously improving the learning experience for students and the working environment for staff. This Plan compliments the College's existing strategies and policies whilst focussing on the management of the opportunities associated with the reduction of carbon emissions.

Financial Statements
The Board of Management of North East Scotland College presents the financial statements of the College and its wholly owned subsidiaries.

North East Scotland College Publication Scheme
Sets out the classes of information North East Scotland College publish, the manner in which the information is published, details of how to obtain copies and any charges that apply.

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College Policies/Procedures

All College Policies/Procedures

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Anti Bribery and Corruption

The Board of Management of North East Scotland College acknowledges its responsibility to comply with the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010.

Anti Bribery and Corruption Statement
This statement sets out the College's approach to bribery and corruption.

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